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Videa shodující se s "Warriors"

427 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 3
English archers had their longbows, Old West sheriffs had their six-guns, but Japan's samurai warriors had the most fearsome weapon of all: the razor-sharp, unsurpassed technology of the katana, or samurai sword. In this program, NOVA probes the centuries-old secrets that went into forging what many consider the perfect blade. Fifteen traditional Japanese craftsmen spent nearly six months creating the sword that NOVA follows through production, from smelting the ore to forging the steel to sharpening the blade to a keen edge capable of slicing through a row of warriors at one swoop. Samurai Warrior Graveyard: Forging a Katana Sword: Secrets of The Viking Sword (Ulfberht): Warriors of the French Foreign Legion:
672 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Filmy
Hodnoceno 3
Angel Warriors tells the story of five girls from the city, who go on a rural getaway surrounded by lush jungles and beautiful beaches.But theres trouble in paradise when an excursion into the forest leads the five girls into a dangerous encounter with local criminals, who are endangering the surrounding ancient cultural relics. However, these arent docile city girls who cower to danger; these vicious vixens decide to take action. See all the new movies
860 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Filmy
Hodnoceno 3
Ninjanice ninja movie from 2009!!!
768 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 2
The Prussian king Frederick the Great was one of the greatest warriors and leaders in modern European history, achieving greatness through the Seven Years War and lauded as a philosopher and cultured 'Prince of the Enlightenment'. Yet the reputation of both Frederick and his Prussia was to be tarnished by association with Hitler's Nazi regime. Historian Christopher Clark re-examines the life and achievements of one of Germany's most colourful and controversial leaders. Last broadcast on BBC Four December 12th 2010 (Advanced appreciation is rendered for materials used without express permission of copyright owners -- Tommy Peters)
249 zhlédnutí
Hodnoceno 3
Thanks For Watching Please Like/Comment/Subscribe..My Channels (AnimeDynasty Angel & AnimeDestiny Angel) Blade of the Phantom Master follows the adventures of one of the remaining amheng osa, Munsu, as he continues to wander the countryside and deals with the chaos caused by Jushin's fall.Amheng osa of first mahai rank have one horse emblazoned onto their medallions, which allows them to wield basic magic to fight ordinary soldiers. The most powerful medallions feature three horses, and allow the bearers, third mahai to perform summonings and regenerate injuries. I DO NOT OWN "Blade of The Phantom Master"NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED
694 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 3
Dr Saul David investigates the violent world of the medieval melee tournament. Unlike the better known joust, this was a brutal brawl with sharpened weapons, few rules, and one undisputed champion- William Marshal. Saul investigates Marshal's life, discovering his epic rise from a tournament champion to the Regent of England who saved a kingdom on the battlefield. Saul also experiments with Marshal's weapons. ©BBC
778 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 3 The Earth Cycle - Does the planet have a life cycle ? Has the Earth been fully populated before ? Have we been technologically advanced before ? Do these civilisations become of Legend and Myth ? Atlantis ? Lemuria ? Mu ? Egypt ? Maya ? Are we coming to the end of the cycle ? Knowledge is Power.... The intro speech is by the leader of the 'Heavens Gate Cult' Marshall Applewhite, I would not recommend their actions but the video is about the life cycle of the planet which was part of the belief structure of the cult. The video contains some anomalies in History, 2 maps of the world showing the coast of modern America yet the maps are dated back to before Columbus discovered America. A 16th Century Painting showing the 1960's Sputnik Satellite, underwater cities, around the world there are countless underwater cities with no mention in the history books. The Baghdad Battery, electricity harnessed thousands of years ago, The Antikythera Device, The Nazca Lines. The list is endless of advanced technology that would seem to prove, we have been here before. ************************************************************* FAIR USE- "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Full CREDIT goes To The Owner/Label Ian Brown - FEAR ************************************************************* MK-Ultra CIA NSA police state nwo zionism jahbulon jay-z lady gaga economy banks finance war ww2 ww3 iraq afghanistan symbolism TV music film movies games celebrity freemason 300 council of foreign relations skull bones bohemian club illuminati rap secret societies 2012 free new world order annunaki david icke zecharia sitchen nibiru mayan bible prophecy politics bush blair obama usa uk planet-x eris ub313 Zeitgeist Michael jackson hollywood tv propaganda bilderberg trilateral conspiracy alex jones ventura foreign relations zecharia sitchen banks finance ufo aliens OVNIS Conspirations Gouvernementales Solar System World Mysteries New Technologies Secret Weapons Galaxies Universe Stars ★ Planets ★ Black Holes ★ Scientifiques ★ Mystères du Monde Roswell Religions Free...
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