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Videa shodující se s "Scariest"

570 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 3
We would not want to make first contact with these extraterrestrials. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 scariest aliens on film.
703 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 2
The beginning of a series starting with the special World's Scariest Police Chases, which was broadcast on February 2, 1997. Narrated by actor Peter Coyote, and features commentary by Captain C. W. Jensen of the Portland Police Bureau. This video remains the sole property of its respective owners. It is not for sale, and no challenge to ownership is implied. This video is uploaded for entertainment, educational, and historical purposes only and falls under Fair Use guidelines.
807 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 3
I ran out of police chases for now, but until then here's some police shootouts. This features footage of dangerous crimes in progress, including a man who stole a cab and then challenges a cop with gunfire; an off-duty cop's shoot out with a bank robber; a police officer shot point-blank in the chest, but saved by his bullet-proof vest; and views of a North Hollywood bank robbery. Also features interviews with survivors of the various events. This video remains the sole property of its respective owners. It is not for sale, and no challenge to ownership is implied. This video is uploaded for entertainment, educational, and historical purposes only and falls under Fair Use guidelines.
436 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 3
Something horrible happened to a friend-of-a-friend... Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 scariest urban legends. For this list, we've compiled some of the most famous and terrifying urban legends that scared us as kids, and have told them as though they are true. Which of course they're not. Right? Special thanks to our users "ibriers", "super saiya-jin" and "Daniel Landers" for submitting the idea for this video at :) To check out the original voting page for this list, head to: If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our new interactive Suggestion Tool at :) We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out for more info.
476 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 1
Compilation includes desert plane crash test video. Please Comment, Rate, Share and Subscribe for more, thanks for watching. Additional tags: plane crash, plane crashes, aircraft crash, helicopter crash, Car Crash, car crashes, Russian Car Crash Compilation, Compilation, Russian Car Crash, Car Crash Compilation, car, auto, road, highway, dash cam, dash-cam, driver, drivers, OMG, WTF, Russia, Crashes, Accident, Auto, funny videos, car accident, crane accidents caught on tape, funny accidents, truck accidents, mud trucks, worst truck crashes compilation, rc trucks muddling 4x4, mudding gone wrong, accidents mortales en vivo, funny, Facebook, fatal accidents on video, truck crash compilation, Russian dash cam compilation, car crash compilation, car crash, crash compilation, RC trucks, accidents, compilation, semi truck accidents, worst truck accidents, worst, funny video, worst truck crashes, funny car crashes, accident, truck accident, fatal car crashes, trucks, crashes, car crashes, truck crashes, crash, Facebook, truck, car crashes caught on camera 201, Russian car crash compilation, helicopter crash, truck crash, monster trucks, truck crashes caught on camera, car crash compilation 2012, Russian dash cam, YouTube, crazy car accidents caught on tape 2012, mudding 4x4, big trucks, plane crash compilation, plane crashes 2013 Car Crash Compilation 2013 Horrible Truck Accidents Horrible Car Accident Fatal Car Crashes Horrible Car Crashes compilation Car accident compilation 2013 Stupid Car Crash Compilation 2013 Horrible Car crashes Car accident car crash compilation Cars on the road Compilation RUSSIAN Car CRASHES Crazy Car Accident Compilation Crash Compilation HUGEST Car Crashes Compilation Super car driver idiots idiot drivers compilation Car Crash accidents caught on tape Truck crashes caught on camera car crashes caught on camera Super car Crash compilation 2013 Brutal Car Crash Compilation 2013 Supper Mega Car Crash Compilation CAR CRASHES 2013 Compilation FAILS 2013 Compilation accidents 2013 Compilation
371 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 2
Please Read. UC. ________________ Check out our other channels : Crime Documentary : New Technology Documentary : Dinosaur Documentary : History Documentary : Horror Documentary : Secrets Documentary : UFO Documentary : Nature Documentary : Documentary Channel : Breaking News : Pandora Documentary : _______________ Extrat Tags : paranormal activity, paranormal pictures, paranormal research, paranormal videos, paranormal stories, paranormal video, paranormal investigation, paranormal investigators, paranormal activity 3, paranormal photos, paranormal romance, paranormal equipment, paranormal studies, paranormal activities, paranormal radio, paranormal experiences, paranormal ghost, paranormal blacktivity, paranormal research society, the paranormal, ufo pictures, ufo hunters, ufo news, ufo pics, ufos, ghosts, ghost stories, ufo magazine, ufo photos, ufo files, haunted houses, haunted hotels, haunted locations, haunted lyrics, haunted dolls, the haunted movie, hauntings, haunted places, the haunted airman, haunted house, haunted castles, real haunted houses, haunted schools, haunted stories, haunted mansions, haunted happenings, haunted america, most haunted places, haunted pictures, ghost hauntings, aliens, ufo aliens, are aliens real, do aliens exist, alien videos, alien pictures, aliens pictures, pictures of aliens, aliens exist, are there aliens, real alien, alien encounters, alien abductions, alien ufo, alien images, space aliens, aliens and ufos, alien photos, alien video, ufos and aliens, ancient aliens videos, ancient aliens on youtube, sumerian aliens, videos of aliens, ancient alien videos, ancient aliens video, documentary on ancient aliens, ancient aliens free, ancient aliens ancient aliens, free ancient aliens, when does the new season of ancient aliens begin, video of aliens, ancient aliens on earth, videos of ancient aliens, gods or ancient aliens, aliens on video, free ancient aliens full episodes, ancient aliens fallen angels, ancient aliens, history about aliens
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