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Host » 8pm - Nov 21, 2011
Recorded August 16-30, 2008 on the Sea Princess. CONTENTS: 0:00:23 Southampton, England - I sail away on the Sea Princess for my 28 day Mediterranean & Transatlantic Cruise. 0:13:59 North Atlantic Ocean - Two days at sea as we make our way to the Med. Captain Dino Sagani welcomes us aboard at the Captain's Welcome Reception. 0:21:39 Cadiz & Seville, Spain - After docking in Cadiz I venture to Seville for the day. After seeing the sights of Seville I return to Cadiz and sail away. 0:46:06 Barcelona, Spain - Beautiful views of the sunrise as we dock in Barcelona. I then ventured to Monserrat, a beautiful monastery perched high in the mountains of Catalonia, Spain. After returning from Monserrat I had time for a quick walk down Barcelona's La Rambla before sailing away. 1:18:36 Monte Carlo - St. Nicholas' Cathedral, The Prince's Palace and the Grand Casino were some of the sites I visited on this bright and sunny day. We enjoyed a fireworks display from the harbour before sailing away. 1:47:31 Florence, Italy - Santa Croce Basilica, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo were some of the site I saw on my morning in Florence. 2:03:22 Pisa, Italy - The sun continued to shine during my afternoon at the Field of Miracles where enjoyed the Cathedral and the famous Leaning Tower. 2:08:09 Livorno, Italy - Our late afternoon sail away. 2:16:09 Rome, Italy - The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and the Vatican where the highlights of my day in Rome. 2:30:57 Civitavecchia, Italy - We sailed away through a myriad of other cruise ships during a beautiful Italian sunset. 2:45:29 Alghero, Italy - I spent the day exploring the beautiful island of Sardinia. 3:11:02 Palma, Spain - I enjoyed the sites on the island of Mallorca on our half-day call. 3:25:21 Gibraltar - We sailed around the Rock of Gibraltar before disembarking the ship. Once on land I took the cable car to the top of the rock and enjoyed the spectacular views and the wild monkeys that inhabit the rock. Later in there was a great British sail away back on the ship. The day concluded in the Princess Theater with the International Crew Show. 4:36:15 North Atlantic Ocean - Two more sea days as we make our way back to Southampton. From:
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