Who is the richest actor in Bollywood?

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Host » 6pm - Jul 20, 2012
Todays countdown is for the highest gross earner for the box office in the last five years. Hrithik Roshan occupies the fifth place. He is the youngest actor with four releases in the last five years and has grossed Rs 292 crores at the box office but there is his much awaited film Kites which has been sold for Rs. 150 crores. Salman Khan with 13 movies in the last five years has contributed Rs. 350 crores especially with his hit films like Partner, No Entry and Wanted occupies the fourth place. Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan is third with a contribution of Rs. 365 crores. With the fewest number of films he manages to make every film a hit. His biggest success has been Ghajini being the highest grosser for a remake film. The second place goes to Shah Rukh Khan contributing Rs. 400 crores with his number of hits in the last five years. But whats making news is his up coming film My Name Is Khan which has been sold for Rs. 100 crores. The top spot goes to Akshay Kumar contributing Rs. 500 crores with 17 films to his name in the last five years.
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