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"K-1 GRAND PRIX '96 FINAL Date: May, 06 1996 / Venue: Yokohama Arena, Japan [ Special Fight ] Rene Rooze vs Jean Claude Leuyer ◆K-1 GRAND PRIX '96 決勝戦 (1996年5月6日/横浜アリーナ) ★スペシャルワンマッチ◎K-1ルール/3分3R レネ・ローゼ vs ジャン・クロード・リビエール"
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Vtípky našich hokejových masérů a kustodů na MS v hokeji. Petr Bílek, Pavel Vlašic, Václav Šašek. :D
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Usain Bolt runs 200m in 19.19 seconds. New World Record. He is the fastest man on earth. Usain Bolt 19.19 seconds (Jamaica) Alonso Edward 19,81 seconds (Panama) Wallace Spearmon 19,85 seconds (USA)
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Góly CZE 7:49 Lang (Kadlec) 26:02 Lang (Reichel, Kysela) 59:41 M. Procházka (Patera) 59:54 Kučera Góly CAN 5:29 Thomas (Perreault, Galley) 29:40 Thomas (Joseph)
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Toto je moje úplne prvé video v živote čo som robil, tak som to sem dal, tak komentujte čo si myslíte o ňom.
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Kenya's David Lekuta Rudisha sets a new 800m world record of 1:40.91 to take the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games. In the event, which took place 9 August 2012 Botswana's Niiel Amos took silver with Rudisha's fellow Kenyan Timothy Kitum taking bronze. Subscribe to the Olympic channel: Since 1896, athletics has been on the programme of each edition of the Games of the Olympiad. Its presence on the Games programme has allowed its popularity to increase across the world. This popularity was also strengthened by the creation of the IAAF in 1912. Women's events appeared for the first time at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam, while the men's programme was standardised as of the 1932 Games in Los Angeles. Although at the beginning women were authorised to participate in only some events, today their programme is almost identical to that of the men. Find more about Athletics at
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Finále ZOH Nagano 1998 Česko - Rusko 1:0
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Federer would have won if there wasn't that stupid 30mins break for fireworks. Because Federer lost I will not upload in 1080p.
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A classic MotoGP race from Le Mans in 2003 with Sete Gibernau, Valentino Rossi and Alex Barros featuring amongst the front runners.
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Góly štvrťfinálového zápasu s českým komentárom 10. Šatan 2:0 17. E. Kane 2:1 27. Skinner 2:2 38. Burrows 2:3 54. Bartovič 3:3 58. Handzuš 4:3 (17.5.2012, Helsinki)
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Góly CZE 29. M. Michálek (Nakládal, Plekanec) 51. P. Nedvěd (Němec, Čáslava) 54. Plekanec (Blaťák) Gól LAT 24. Berzinš (Keninš)
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Hodnoceno 3 Gól CZE 44. Petružálek (Hemský) Góly SWE, 3. Franzén (Zetterberg, Eriksson) 21. N. Kronwall (Zetterberg, Eriksson) 51. J. Lundqvist (Persson, Larsson) 59. Persson (Hedman)
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Hicham El Guerrouj breaks the world record by around 3 seconds running a 4:44 in the unusual event.
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Cesta za Titulem 9 Česká Republika - Rusko 2:1 MS v hokeji 2010 Německo
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Cesta za Titulem 6 Česká Republika - Kanada 3:2 MS v hokeji 2010 Německo
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Michael Johnson - The king of 400m. Can Usain Bolt beat Johnson's 300m,400m world records? See this video....
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Featuring El G lowering the 1500m world record to an amazing 3:26:00!
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Videoklip nejlepších momentů České hokejové reprezentace na MS 2010 v Německu.
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A documentary about the rise and fall of Group B rally as well as a quick history of what Rallying is.
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